Discovery Channel

As a result of the ‘Welcome to Topanga Town’ song she wrote and sang on the Discovery Channel reality program, “Red & Blue”, about a “house exchange” between a politically conservative family in Clinton, Louisiana, and a politically liberal family in Topanga, Susan was able to obtain her ASCAP card. She is now a proud member of that music organization; the air date for the program was November 17, 2005.

“Red and Blue” is in her new album, ‘Topanga Anthem – Songs to the Canyon’.

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  • Debut Album Review

    This from former dance/music critic, now independent publisher,mickey morgan of Cincinnati:

    "Overall lovely design. I like how you have the panoramic overview as a backdrop for her sepia goddess throne atop it all on the CD cover. She really emanates light and joy..."

    "As to her musicianship, she appears (to me) formally traditional as a balladeer, with a Druidry/Pagan celebration of the land . . .[she]easily moves into American Country, the latter day balladeer . . . telling stories . . . so important. She's so insightful and compassionate in her tale of the Mexican community in Topanga . . . rare, bare Truth. I like her writing and her spirit a lot. I can see how some of us can see her as sentimental, cause a lot of us are out of touch with our senses expanded to their fullest. She exemplifies this fullness in the meaning and sincerity of her words and performance in the traditional ballad/folk style. What a kind gift . . ."